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Northiam & Broad Oak Surgery

Flu Vaccinations for the age group 50-64

As announced by the Health Secretary we are now able to vaccinate all those in the 50-64 age group.

Intially we are planning to deliver this is three sessions:

Session 1 - A walk-in Clinic at our Northiam Surgery on Saturday 12th December (details below)
Session 2 - A bookable clinic on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th December
Session 3 - A second bookable clinic on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th December

For the walk-in clinic on Saturday 12th December you are invited to attend in alphabetical order in 10 minute time slots as follows

Time   Surname beginning
09:00   A, Ba
09:10   Be, Bi, Bl, Bo
09:20   All other B
09:30   Ca, Ce, Ch
09:40   All other C
09:50   All D
10:00   All E
10:10   All F
10:20   All G
10:30   Ha
10:40   All other H
10:50   I& J
11:00   K & L
11:10   Ma
11:20   All other M
11:30   N&O
11:40   Pa and Pe
11:50   All other P & Q
12:00   All R
12:10   Sm & St
12:20   All other S
12:30   All T
12:40   U- Y
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