Northiam & Broad Oak Surgery

Shingles Vaccine

This is available for patients aged 70 and  78 on the 1st September 2019. The long term plan is to vaccinate all people aged 70 annually. There will also be a catch up period to vaccinate all people already in their 70's in the forthcoming years by vaccinating all patients aged 78 every year as well. We are not allowed to vaccinate anybody who is not in the age category. If you missed having the vaccine in the year you were elligible then it is still possible to have it now. In order to see if you are elligible you can log onto the shinglesaware website. The website link is who can have the shingles vaccine  People outside these age groups who want to have the vaccination this year will have to have to pay for it and the cost is £120. The vaccine is not being offered to people aged over 79 as clinical trials have shown it to be less effective in that age group. More information on the vaccination programme can be obtained by clicking here.

We will be sending out letters to elligible patients



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