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Northiam & Broad Oak Surgery


Are you worried or struggling with your Health and Wellbeing?

 If you are struggling with your health and wellbeing then we can refer you to a new service which may be able to help you with non-medical problems such housing, benefits, debt and finance support as well as help with access to leisure activities, social networks, education and training, volunteering and employment. Please contact your doctor if you feel this may be of benefit to you. Further information about the service is given below

Our coordinator is Estelle. More details of what is available can be found at

Friends & Family Test

Thank you for completing the friends and family test questionnaires. We try very hard to provide a good service and it is very rewarding to read all the positive comments you have made about the surgery. We are proud to announce we have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Friends and Family provider for the feedback we have received. To access the feedback about the surgery please click on the link.
Friends and family feedback
If you want to give us some feedback on the friends and family website please click below.

Practice Manager

Linda Cox our practice manager has sadly decided to retire. She has been the practice manager here for 36 years and has been done a fantastic job in steering the practice through all the changes and upheavals that general practice has gone through during that time. We will miss her expertise and skills and wish her well for the future. She has been replaced by Mrs Sarah Clements who we are confident will continue to maintain the very high standards of the practice  


We loan nebulisers to patients on a short term basis for patients with asthma which can avoid the need for a hospital admission. Unfortunately patients are not returning them to us and we have now reached a point where we do not have enough nebulisers to loan them out to patients. Therefore if we have loaned you a nebuliser and you have forgotten to return it to us we would be grateful if you could return it to the surgery as soon as possible.

Over The Counter Medicines


I’m sure as everyone is aware the NHS is under considerable financial pressure at the current time. As a consequence of this we are being asked by NHS to try to avoid prescribing medication that can be bought over the counter. However, if someone needs a medication we will obviously prescribe it to at the time of the consultation and nobody will ever be denied medication that they need.
The list below gives examples of the common medications whihc are easily obtainable over the counter and are the main ones the NHS would be grateful if people can purchase as opposed to expect a prescription for.

Paracetamol adult and liquid form for children
Ibuprofen adult and liquid form for children
Moisturising creams for eczema and dry skin
Lubricant eye drops
Medications for constipation and diarrhoea

Hospital Investigations

We do not automatically receive the results of investigations that are ordered by the hospital - for example biopsy results or scans. However we are able to access the Conquest pathology department and look at results on your behalf. Therefore if you have had investigations and there is any delay or long gap before your follow up appointment at the hopsital contact us to obtain your results for you. Please do not assume if you have not heard form ourselves or the hospital that the test is normal, it is always better to make sure that any results have been seen and checked.

East Sussex Community Information Service Website

This is a website which incorporates a large range of community services. This includes health issues but also includes links to a whole range of local services. To access the website click ESCIS  

National Patient Satisfaction Survey

Each year the NHS sends out questionnaires to a random selection of patients from each practice across the country. In total over one million questionnaires are sent out. The responses are then collected and each of the 7372 practices in England are given a ranking. We are thrilled to announce that we have been ranked the number one practice in the whole of England for 2017. This is obviously very special for us especially as it comes from feedback from our patients. It is also incredibly gratifying to know that the service that we provide is so appreciated by our patients. The breakdown of our ranking can be viewed by clicking on Northiam Survey

Text Service

We will now be sending out reminders for all appointments by text. If people are unable to attend they will have the facility to text back which will automatically cancel their appointment. We also aim to use the sevice to make people aware of more general information within the practice such as flu clinic times. We would be very grateful if you can make sure we have an up to date mobile phone number for you. If you do not want to receive any texts from us please let us know and we can remove you from the texting service.


A large number of hospital appointments are now going to be booked electronically by a system called e-referrals. The doctor will make the referral to the appropriate hospital and the patient will then receive a letter with their details which will include their name, their NHS number, a booking reference number and a password. The patient can then book their appointment either online or over the phone at a time convenient to them. More details can be obtained by going to the NHS Choices website by clicking NHS choices appointment booking 
Or download the patient guidance to booking your appointment online (PDF. 5mb)

CQC Inspection Results

We have been inspected by the CQC and as you can see we achieved a Good rating. If you want to read the full report please click on the link above.

Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS)

This is a service run by East Sussex Heathcare and is intended to help patients obtain advice or support about the services available in East Sussex as well as being able to liaise on your behalf with the Conquest or Eastbourne Hospitals.
Their number is 01424 758090.
Their email address is
More infomation is available on their website.

Jan Morris' Retirement

We said a very sad farewell to Jan Morris our dispensary manager today. Jan has been with the practce for 37 years and has run the dispensary efficiently and with a smile for all her time here. We are extremely grateful for all her years of service to the practice and the community and wish her a very happy retirement

New Patients in Peasmarsh

The large housing development in Northiam is going to increase our list size by a significant amount. We are concerned that this will have an impact on the high standards of patient access that as a practice we pride ourselves on. In order to help us cope with the increasing population in Northiam we have successfully applied to change our practice area  and as a result of this we will no longer be accepting new patients from Peasmarsh. This will have no effect on anybody who is already registered here and would not apply to someone moving into a household who is already registered here.

Drug Delivery Service

We are now offering a home delivery service for patients who find it difficult to collect their medicines from the surgery. At the momet the delivery day will be a Thursday and patients or their representative will need to be available to receive the medications and sign for them. Please contact the dispensary if you feel this service will be helpful to you. We hope this will be more convenient for some patients. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people that they can also order their repeats online. For further information click on the following link. ONLINE SERVICES

Online Services

The national programme for online access has been extended to include all coded entries in a patient’s notes. Patients can opt to continue just to have their basic information concerning medications and allergies or they can choose to have access to all their coded information. There is a separate consent form for this which can be downloaded below along with an information leaflet about online access.
Click on the link for more information. ONLINE SERVICES

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